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Different Reasons of Hair Loss or Hair Fall

There are a lot of reasons why one loses hair. This can be genetic, hereditary, or due to any kind of stress, however, it can also happen due to any medical condition. It’s equally important to mention that hair fall can also happen due to aging. Though there’s nothing to be alarmed about, as most of the time, it can be reversed if you catch it in the beginning. In serious cases, you will need aggressive medication. hair loss

What causes hair loss?

As mentioned earlier, it has a lot of reasons. However, the way you lose hair will tell a lot about the underlying causes. Your hair can fall abruptly, or it can thin. In many cases hair fall is temporary, and it grows back. You must also keep in mind that even an average person loses hair every day, but the new hair replaces that.


This is the most common type of reason for hair loss. It can happen in males as well as females. It entails that the hair follicles will contract, and that can have a drastic impact on the growth. In some cases, you will lose all of your hair. Even though this occurs at a late age, however, in some cases, it can start as early as in your teenage. Widening of the part or thinning of the hair will be the symptoms in women. Similarly, in men, it will recede from the forehead or create bald spots. It’s equally important to mention that it can be reversed if you start early. The proper treatment will help you stop, and regrow the hair.


Aging is another concern. It can make your hair weaker, and hair fall can be more frequent in some males as well as females. This happens when the hair follicles stop developing. It will make your hair thin. There are various kinds of treatments that can help you grow your hair again. The sooner you start, the better results you get.

Alopecia areata

This happens when the body’s defence mechanism known as the immune system attacks hair growth. You will lose bodily hair as well as hair on your head. You can take medical help to regrow the hair, and in fact, there are plenty of products in that regard.


Chemotherapy will cause your hair to fall. This can happen in weeks, or faster than that. However, you will notice that the hair will grow back on its own. In this case, the additional medication will help the person in growing the hair back.


A person may have a hair fall if he/she has recently recovered from an operation or an illness. This can also happen due to stress. In that case, you can take the help of the medication as well as consultation to help. Once the body is stress-free, you will see your hair growing back.


You will damage your hair if you perm, or color your hair. However, you can take a sensible approach in caring for your hair. In case of medical needs, some medications will help you repair the hair follicles, and the new hair will grow again.


The treatment of hair fall depends on the cause. So, you will need to give your doctor full access to your medical history. Based on that, a treatment plan can be crafted.

Some Amazing Tips For Coming Up With Spectacular T-shirt Designs

When you look at a T-shirt, you always end up looking at how it is designed and what it has on it. That is why, T-shirt design is definitely one of the most popular outlets of creativity in the world. People get really creative when it comes to designing some T-shirts. Whether you are a graphic designer, or an illustrator, the idea of putting your designs on a T-shirt is very appealing. You can even sell your designs on the Internet and make quite a bit of money. That’s why, T-shirt designing is a very popular hobby. Some people pursue it as a full-time job as well. Imagine you design something on your computer and thousands or even millions of people purchase that design, just because it is on a T-shirt. Imagine how amazing that would feel.

You need to know that the entire process can be a little daunting. That is why, I have listed out some pro tips that you can keep in mind when you are designing custom T-shirts.

Spectacular T-shirt

  1. You should always take the time to explore your concept. You should sketch out your T-shirt design, go for a walk, create a couple of variations of the same design, get something to eat so that you have enough energy to brainstorm new ideas. Sleep on it. Keep doing it all over again. Don’t give up until you find the right design.
  2. Have a couple of mock-ups on your laptop, so that you can imagine the design on a T-shirt. You should not be afraid to mark up your T-shirt on a photo or even a model. Print it if necessary and place it on an actual T-shirt to see if it actually works.
  3. Keep in mind that when you are designing T-shirts, the detail is very important. You should make sure that the quality is supreme as well. Everybody appreciates a person who has given a lot of attention to detail. That is why, there is nothing better than seeing a properly executed masterpiece on a T-shirt.
  4. You should always keep your market in mind. This is a very essential one. You should know if you are designing T-shirts for women or men. Are you designing them for teenagers or older people? At the end of the day, you should know who you are designing it for, and you should know your audience. Any good brand designer would want to attract a huge audience. That is why, you should know what they like, and what their preferences are.
  5. Make sure that you get a good printer that is really good quality.

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